Caitlin Wright Binning, MSW - Once Upon A Time I was an "Earth Angel"

You Pick the Title --
"Caitlin Binning, Astronaut,"
"Space Cadet," "Earth Angel," or "My Jetsons' Do?"

I spent Friday, March 3, 2003 back at my old stomping grounds in the Washington Cancer Institute where I put in some memorable days the previous summer [my diploma].

Believe me, there really are better ways for a girl to spend a Friday afternoon.


Patient Number 64 with a 15 Pound Frame (literally) Screwed on my Head

This time I was patient number 64 in the new Gamma Radiosurgery Unit which opened July 23, 2002. 

I had elected to have the Gamma Knife rather than traditional surgery for two newly discovered tumors.

"The Gamma Knife is not a knife at all, but a Radiosurgery device that enables doctors to treat deep-seated intracranial lesions without the risks of open-skull surgery."