Caitlin Wright Binning - Meet the Larkin Family

Charles Joesph and Marion Claire Larkin c. 1940

Grandfather and Grandmother  Larkin

My late grandfather Charles Joseph and grandmother Claire Larkin. 

This picture was taken around 1942 on "School Street" in Chatham, N.Y.. The house in the background was our next door neighbors, Coons Nursing Home, which later became "Mrs. Fiero' s."

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Grandmother Larkin

My grandmother Marion Claire Larkin and my mother Maureen Larkin Wright. This picture was taken about 1985.



Uncle Brian and Me

Here I am with my favorite uncle (on my mother's side that is) Brian James Larkin.

Thanksgiving, 1997 in Washington, DC

(Uncle Brian is the one with the very short hair.)


 Part of my Larkin Family

I'm the blond (left), Uncle Brian, Shane (nephew, peeking), Erica (niece), Aunt Elizabeth (holding Erica), Dan Larkin (cousin), Mother "Nature" Wright, and Michelle (seated, Dan's wife).

Thanksgiving, 1997