In Memoriam

Caitlin Wright Binning

June 29, 1966 - July 25, 2003


Michael Martz

She was a bureaucrat's worst nightmare because she cut through the gauzy haze of untruth like a knife. But Caitlin also was true to... [ more ]


We all enter this world hoping ... that when our work is done, we've left it a better place. Caitlin's advent to the earth was a blessing for... [ more ]

Bill Miller 

You would be Caitlin's mother. I am Bill Miller, and I live with my wife Julia and daughter Allison. I work for the post office in.... [ more ]

Lori Berkey 

It's Caitlin's friend Lori Berkey here, just wanting to send you my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your dear daughter Caitlin.... .[ more ]

Steele Andrews

Dear Auntie M. I've been truly worried about you. Not worried, more sad. I shared this with my sister, and I left what she wrote below.... [ more ]

Kristin Morris 

Thank you for passing along the sad news. Caitlin was so special to me, and I'm so sorry that we've lost her. One of our special.... [ more ]

Shelly Klinger

 I came into the office this AM and saw this, and had already seen it in the paper. Words cannot express my sorrow about this, but I... [ more ].

Sharon Mason 

I am so sorry to hear about our loss-------we had such wonderful times working together. Her smile and antics could Light up a.... [ more ]

Sarah Paige 

Maureen, Thank you. I had not seen Caitlin for a few years. There was a time that she was extraordinarily important to me and stayed that way in my heart .... [ more ]

Carol Miller

Thank you so much for sending this out. We at hospice felt blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know Caitlin, if only for a short.... [ more ]


I am sending this e-mail to you from somewhere in Tennessee - Winchester, to be exact, although I can't even tell you where that is. I have been out of Richmond,,,.[ more ]

Jill VanderPutten Bonner

I am so sorry to hear about Caitlin's passing. I know you were all very close to her and that she was a strong women right up until the end. ... [ more ]

Jean VanderPutten Pollack

I was extremely saddened when I heard the news of Caitlin's death. I know she was special to you and Betty and I am grateful that I was able to meet her.... [ more ]

J.R. VanderPutten

When young people go it seems so wrong. When an old fogy stops it should not cause a tear, but I know how close you were to Caitlin and how hard it was lose her.... [ more ]

Basil, Dawn, Jonathan and Aurora 

We are all sorry for your loss. It is always hard when you lose a loved one, but losing someone whom you had raised and had to watch suffer is almost cruel. ..[ more ]

Laurie VanderPutten Loken

Our deepest sympathies to your family. ..[ more ]

John and Pat VanderPutten

Pat and I send our heartfelt condolences for your terrible loss. We will remember Caitlin and you in our prayers.... [ more ]

Pat Moore

I am so sorry! you are all in our prayers. ... [ more ]

James and Marie and Sr. Therese Larkin 

Your news was not unexpected but it still causes the grief we all feel when someone so close is taken from us. I think that most families experience.... [ more ]

Regin Smith

I am truly blessed to have known such a wonderful human being. .... [ more ]


I was so sorry to hear of your niece's death. She obviously eant a great deal to you. Yu and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. .... [ more ]


I was devastated to hear the news. Will write to Brian. So glad to have seen your pictures of her and to have heard of her bravery. .... [ more ]


This is just so sad. You and your family are in my prayers. .... [ more ]


It is so so sad. One digs deep to know how to deal with such loss beyond mere remembering. .... [ more ]

Jan D.

My deepest and most sincere sympathies. Love and support, .... [ more ]

Mary, Sarita, Walter, Demonica

It is a really tough thing to deal with. My deepest sympathy .... [ more ].


My deepest Sympathy .... [ more ]


I know that it is always tough, whatever the circumstances. Much sympathy and support. .... [ more ]


I know that it is difficult for you and your family. You can be assured that we are all grieving with you and your family. .... [ more ]


My prayers (as always!) .... [ more ]


My sympathy to you. It is always so hard. .... [ more ]

Bernice, John Chernashevsky, Bonita Washington, Jaime Malwitz

You are in my prayers. .... [ more ]

Dick and Peg

A Mass has been said for Caitlin Wright Binning. Love .... [ more ]

Rich and Meg

A Mass has been said for Caitlin Wright Binning. Love, .... [ more ]

Fred Kaufman

I share your loss. God doesn't let any of his bright lights stay ablaze too long. We should have known anyone that good was too good to be true. .[ more ]


I am very sad to learn that such a wonderful person has died. You never know who is out there standing up for our rights, teaching us to deal with .... [ more ]


I hadn't seen the paper and learn of this tragedy until now. Thanks for letting me know. I'll be in mourning of our collective loss for quite a while..... [ more ]

Ray Bridge

The most fearless, courageous, funny and wonderful advocate has died. Please see Val Marsh's remembrance of Caitlin. She went into the very darkest places and forced the windows open..... [ more ]

Pat Passalaacqua

Oh, Val. I am so sorry. This came as a complete shock to me. Caitlin did so much in her short life, and it is a tragedy to lose her..... [ more ]


I just heard about Caitlin about an hour ago.... The world has lost an incredible advocate and an awesome woman. I hope she knew that the world is a better place.... [ more ]


I just heard about Caitlin, and I wanted to offer my condolences. I know that you two were close and that Caitlin was a wonderfully strong .... [ more ]

Carolann Pacer-Ramsey

May I and my staff of Families 1st of VA, and Christian Nannies offer each of you our sincerest condolences in the passing of Caitlin.... [ more ]

Bill Baskervill 

I apologize for waiting so long to express my feelings about the loss of Caitlin, perhaps because I still can't believe she is gone at such a tender age... [ more ]


We grieve with you Val. Thanks to your guidance. Caitlin and I corresponded several times and I don't think I offended her. I expressed admiration .... [ more ]

Nancy Gun

This is the most beautiful, heartwarming tribute I have ever seen. Even though I did not know Caitlin, I am greatly saddened with her passing.... [ more ]

Renae Sands 

I appreciate your tribute so much, and I am sorry for your personal loss of such a dear friend and comrade. You may know that Caitlin worked for me at .... [ more ]

June Poe 

Your tribute to Caitlin deeply touched my heart. Thank you for sharing with us your memory of her. I grieve for you in your lost of your sister.... [ more ]

Amy Andrews

Thank you for writing such a beautiful message about Caitlin. It started the tears all over this morning, as it reminded me again of what a wonderful, unique.... [ more ]

Steve Ashby 

My sincerest condolences, and condolences from all those who knew her at RBHA, to Caitlin's family and to VAMI. Caitlin was a special person with a passion.... [ more ]

Bob Williams

The Passing of Caitlin Wright Binning Caitlin was one off the most amazing individuals I have very met. She really was my hero .... [ more ]

Virginia Germino 

I met you only briefly in Charlottesville when you came to speak to our NAMI group, and am grateful for being able to put a face on your beautiful tribute.... [ more ]

Phil Floyd here.

I must say that I can barely find the words to express my extreme sadness. During my days as President of Virginia-IAPSRS I got to know Caitlin through..... [ more ]

Leslie Herdegen

I am so terribly sorry to hear about Caitlin's death. You have done her justice in your eulogy. Even those who didn't know her will know why she.... [ more ]


I was astonished and incredibly saddened to hear of Caitlin's death. She was so young and just embarking on so many new.... [ more ]

Richard E. Kellogg 

I am truly sorry to hear of the death of Caitlin, down right saddened. I held her in high regard and thoroughly enjoyed her dry sense of humor.... [ more ]

Dave O'Neill 

Thank you for sending me the e-mail concerning Caitlin's passing away. Needless to say I was deeply saddened to learn of her death.... [ more ]

Kia Bentley 

I was shocked and deeply saddened to get the news upon my return from the beach. I am especially sorry for your personal loss.... [ more ]

Brenda Hayes 

I was touched by your beautiful remembrance of your friend. She was oh too young! I just remember her name when I had called several years earlier.... [ more ]

Sonia Jurich 

I was out of town and just now received this message. I am in shock for both deaths: Dick's (I was not aware he had died this past January) and Caitlin's.... [ more ]

Tommie Cubine 

I am very sad to learn of Caitlin's death. She was a true advocate and a person dedicated to social justice. She accomplished so much in her short life.... [ more ]

Ann MacDonald 

I'm stunned. My god, I'm so sorry to hear this. And if I'm feeling this way, I can only imagine what you [and her family] are going through. What a loss.... [ more ]

James E. Forrester

I was shocked and very upset when I picked up the newspaper Tuesday morning to read "Binning, advocate for mentally ill in Virginia dies." .... [ more ]

Yvonne Smith

Caitlin certainly affected my life. The Nami Va Consumer counsel and Caitlin gave me the left that sustained me to do the recovery work...[ more ]


Caitlin helped so many people.  She fulfilled her mission in life and has now gone on to another plane to continue her work. When she became ill and after the surgery, she worked very hard...[ more ]  

Martin Phillips

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I had the joy of working with Caitlin for several years as the Mental Health Director... [ more ]

Fiola X

My deepest condolences go out to you and all of Caitlin's family.

I know that any words are a poor comfort but please know that my heart goes out to you and I wish I was there to hold you and ...[ more ]