In Memoriam

Part I: 
We Remember You
Caitlin Wright Binning

June 29, 1966 - July 25, 2003

Here people who knew and loved Caitlin share little stories about a special time or way she touched their lives. Some are humorous. Some are moving. Each tells us something about a different aspect of this most uncommon woman.


I remember Caitlin Loved Ponies
By Aunt Elizabeth

Caitlin loved horses of any size and shape. She was wonderful with them. I, on the other hand, am scared silly of the things. Sweet girl... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin in London
By Aunt Elizabeth

I have a wonderful memory of our recent trip to England. Despite some serious pain, Caitlin was a joy to travel with. She loved to find exotic... [-more-]

I Remember Meeting Caitlin for the First Time
by Lori Andresen

I remember when we first "discovered" this other Larkin family. I thought we might have a nice email relationship and possibly an... [-more-]

I remember that Dirt Woman knew Caitlin...,
by Kristin Morris

Caitlin and I went to see Dirt Woman's Christmas show one year. Dirt Woman is a Richmond institution - a rotund, bear of a drag queen... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin at Thanksgiving 
by Uncle Brian

One of the best thanksgivings ever was 1997. Caitlin, Aunt Maureen, Dan, Michelle, Shane and Erica joined us at our condo for dinner... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin and Toys for the Kids
by Lori Andresen

Another memory is that of the toys she felt my kids should have. Tongues that grew disgustingly large in water, whoopee cushions... [-more-]

I Remember Lunchtimes at NAMI with Caitlin
by Amy Andrews

For the few years I worked at the NAMI-VA office. Lunchtime always felt like "Caitlin and Amy time". We sometimes took turns bringing food... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin as a Little Girl 
by Aunt Nancy

When Caitlin was a little girl she would come to Chatham for summer vacations. She, Crystal and I made many interesting side trips during... [-more-]

 I Remember Caitlin Loved Life
by Tracy Larkin-Thomason

My first memories of Caitlin were as a young girl at grandmother's house in the summer. A blonde shadow somewhere in the vicinity of Crystal. Later... [-more-]

I Remember Two "Freaky Chicks"
by Tracy Wright Gandin

The last time Caitlin was here in Vermont, we went to get our hair cut together. Hers was finished before mine and I saw her saunter over... [-more-]

I remember Caitlin in Arizona
by Ron Larkin 

Caitlin and Tim came out to Arizona to visit just a few months ago. Caitlin had been asking about those famous energy vortexes and the... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin in the Blizzard of 1979 
by Uncle Brian

Shannon had just come to live with us and I needed a new office. Aunt Maureen, Caitlin, who was 13 at the time, and her brother Sean... [-more-]

I Remember Working With Caitlin at the Daily Planet 
by Lori Berkey

I was always relieved when her name was on the schedule to work with me on Saturdays at the Daily Planet. When I came to the Planet... [-more-]

I Remember Caitlin Getting Heckled by the Man
by Anne Soffee

I have a Caitlin story that I have told for years.  In 1981, when I was a freshman at Open High, Caitlin (who was a year ahead of me) had a pair of electric blue spandex disco pants.  You could see her coming from blocks away in those pants.  Not exactly typical school wear, but I'm sure you've heard about Open High, so, you know, anything went.



I Remember Caitlin -- I Knew She Cared 
by Steele Andrews

Caitlin was my email friend. I enjoyed sharing things with her. Several times she would email a prediction of sorts and oddly enough, it always. [-more-]