National Low Income Housing Coalition

Job Description

Deputy Director


General Statement of Duties:The Assistant Director has primary responsibility for management of internal operations of NLIHC and provides leadership on key programmatic functions.


Specific Responsibilities:


  1. OrganizationalLeadership
    1. Serve as acting CEO in absence of President
    2. Represent NLIHC on boards, committees, task forces, and work groups
    3. Public speaking at meetings and conferences
    4. Represent NLIHC with media, as needed
    5. Attendance and reporting at all meetings of Board of Directors
    6. Participation in all staff meetings; convene and lead staff meetings in absence of President


  1. Financial management
    1. Supervise Office Manager
    2. Supervise contracts with accounting consultant and auditor
    3. Assure successful and timely completion of annual financial audit
    4. Prepare annual budget for presentation to President and Finance Committee
    5. Approve expenditures and code revenue
    6. Monitor income and expenses on monthly basis; provide timely finance reports to President and Treasurer, including balance sheet, statement of income and expenses, and narrative
    7. Prepare financial reports as required for all funders
    8. Serve as staff to Finance Committee of NLIHC Board of Directors


  1. Membership
    1. Supervise Membership Associate
    2. Assure timely completion of monthly membership reports
    3. Coordinate all member renewal and recruitment campaigns, assuring achievement of revenue goals and membership development goals
    4. Maintain relationship with Shelterforce magazine as member benefit
    5. Conduct periodic membership analyses and provide reports as needed to President and Board of Directors


  1. Program Coordination


    1. Coordinate preparation of annual staff workplan reflecting goals and objectives as established by NLIHC Board of Directors
    2. Develop and implement system for staff documentation of activities and outcomes as detailed in workplan, and that provides data necessary for internal and grant reports
    3. Prepare monthly program reports for review by President and Board of Directors
    4. Assure successful production and distribution of all program related documents


    1. Serve as staff to at least one policy committee of the NLIHC Board of Directors; track, analyze, influence, and report on public policy issues reflected in policy committee(s)í goals and objectives and/or other public policy issues of concern to NLIHC as needed and appropriate
    2. Serve as back up to Legislative Director when she or he is on leave
    3. Research and prepare articles for NLIHC and other publications

Information and referral

    1. Coordinate responses to requests for direct assistance; develop and implement system for effective advocacy based response
    2. Respond to requests for housing policy information from members and others

Conference and Leadership Reception

    1. Coordinate planning and implementation of all aspects of annual policy conference and leadership reception
    2. Serve as primary liaison with keynote and other plenary speakers at conference
    3. Faciliate board choices of honorees, and serve as primary liaison for honorees and related speakers at leadership reception

Research (to be developed????)


  1. Fund Development
    1. Maintain and expand financial sponsorship of conference and leadership reception, assuring achievement of revenue goals
    2. In addition to member renewal and recruitment campaigns, coordinate all direct mail and on line solicitations of gifts and donations, assuring achievement of revenue goals
    3. Coordinate NLIHC participation in United Way and Combined Federal Campaigns
    4. Research funding sources and prepare grant applications consistent with annual fund development plan
    5. Serve as co-staff Fund Development Committee of NLIHC Board of Directors with President
    6. Prepare and submit all grant reports in timely manner


  1. Personnel management
    1. Manage policies for employee benefits; assure all employees are enrolled in all benefits to which they are entitled; provide accurate and up-to-date information on benefits to all employees; review benefit policies annually and recommend necessary changes
    2. Assure accurate maintenance of all personnel records, including leave records
    3. Coordinate all staff recruitment activities
    4. Coordinate new staff orientations
    5. Coordinate all staff training activities
    6. Conduct periodic review and update of job descriptions and salary ranges commensurate with job duties
    7. Serve as staff to Personnel Committee of NLIHC Board of Directors; assure periodic review and updating of Personnel Policies


  1. Intern Coordination
    1. Coordinate intern recruitment, applications, placement, and orientation
    2. Serve as liaison with educational institutional that place interns
    3. Provide educational supervision to one or more interns per semester


  1. Information Technology
    1. Supervise all aspects of NLIHC computer system, including duties specifically delegated to Office Manager and Member Associate
    2. Supervise contracts with all IT related consultants; alter as needed


  1. Other duties as required to maximize organizational effectiveness toward achievement of NLIHC mission


Reports to President/CEO


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Masterís degree with emphasis on social policy and/or organizational leadership
  2. Substantive knowledge of American social welfare policy, with preference for knowledge of low income housing policy
  3. Demonstrated skill in planning and implementation of complex organizational tasks and managing solutions to complex organizational problems
  4. Experience in staff supervision and grant management
  5. Working knowledge of computer technology and non-profit financial management
  6. Superior oral and written communication skills
  7. Commitment to social justice